Old Muscle Beach – Santa Monica

One of the things I truly enjoy about LA is the fitness/health culture. No one stares at me with a look of disgust when I tell them I’m Vegan, nor do they try to talk me out of my daily workouts. I live in a city who encourages fitness (now if it’s for the right or wrong reason, that’s another story). Blah blah, commentary, blah blah…I introduce to you, the Old Muscle Beach located in Santa Monica.

I love this place. It’s like a big jungle gym for adults. How can you not love that? Every one take turns on different apparatuses. This place has rings, ropes, bars and it looks like someone sets up a tight rope. The fitness level of the people here is inspiring. I caught myself staring at this one guy who started off on the tight rope, then climbed up a rope with lightening speed, started doing pull ups at the top…without any fear. I could not stop watching him (didn’t hurt that he was an absolute babe).

I want to become a regular here, master all obstacles. Eventually I’d love to see the Muscle Beach in Venice but that one seems intense, I’m not in that great of shape yet. One of these days…I’ll be hanging out here until then. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have a great weekend and I’ll see you guys on my next adventure.



Home to Venice to Santa Monica and Home again

I couldn’t think of a clever name for this entry. I could call it Venice but Venice was just the beginning. Regardless, Saturday morning my friend, Melissa, came up from San Diego and we walked 12 miles. 12 miles! One mile short of a half marathon. We love walking so this wan’t anything out of the ordinary.

Our first destination was Venice. This was my first time being at the famous Venice beach and it was as entertaining as movies make it seem to be.

The skatepark was awesome, I could spend hours watching skaters do tricks all day. The boardwalk was lined with vendors and street performers. It gets a little overwhelming but I couldn’t help but smile thinking “Wow, I can’t believe I live here.”

One item I really wanted to check out in Venice was the Binocular Building. Another Frank Gehry creation. That man, I would love to be inside his brain when he’s creating. That thought process must be very entertaining.
From Venice we walked Main Street and got into Santa Monica.

I’ve been to Santa Monica so many times but still love it, can’t get bored with it. You have a little bit of everything; from the Pier, 3rd Street Promenade and Montana, you’ll be please no matter what.
The following day we went to Melrose and Downtown. I got to cross of the Angel Flight Railway off my Los Angeles Bucket list, more of that to come in my next post.