No One Dates in LA

I went to a comedy show towards the end of last year and there was this hilarious female comedian ranting about how hard it is to find a decent guy in Los Angeles (which I think it goes both ways because I have heard several dating disasters from my male friends). She asked a couple in the audience if they were from LA, in which they replied “no”. She then proceeded to tell them that she knew because no one in LA dates.

In my almost year and a half as a LA resident, I have been on…2 dates? I also think that everyone just wants me as a friend so I may have unknowingly went on a few dates that I’m not accounting for, but that’s besides the point. My first date was horrible. He was what I imagine as the typical “LA Bro”. Trying to talk to him was like pulling teeth, I would ask questions because I wanted to know more about him only to be answered with one word and no prospect of expanding on the topic. I asked him what his hobbies were, he told me “Martial Arts and Pool Parties”…are you fucking kidding me? How can you classify Pool Parties as a hobby? For one, that’s a “hobby” that’s only available for half a year, and two…IT’S A FUCKING POOL PARTY!

Date two was great. He was your typical LA go-getter. Hustling every day, working insane amount of hours. We went on two dates, we talked about normal date stuff, and maybe some non-typical date stuff (we both would talk about how we didn’t understand how people were in relationship, how we were both pretty selfish with our personal time because we both work a lot). He was great, but I think we both saw that we both were too busy to be able to fit into each others lives. No harm, no foul. Maybe it just wasn’t the time for us, but he gave me hope that not all LA men are monsters.

In my early twenties, being in a relationship was all I could think about. I loved the feeling of belonging to someone. Now, though I miss the companionship and the level of comfort that having a boyfriend brings, I’m strong and emotionally self-sufficient that I’m in no rush. I welcome the possibility of being in a relationship, but I won’t be sitting around waiting for someone to appear.