You work out right?

It took me a few times to not be insulted by that question.

Let me back it up a little. There are two things in life I have consistently loved: food and cardio. It’s a tug of war battle that just always ends in a tie. I’m not going to be 10% body fat but I’m also not going to be 30% body fat, and I’m content with that.

Moving to LA, I’ve talked and hung out with several people who, from my Instagram, has noticed my love of food (with an emphasis in sweets). We would talk about where to meet and eat and I’d say “Oh my gosh, LA is going to turn me into a Panda”.

Now in San Diego, the response I would get would be an eye roll, a “shut up” and something along the lines of how it’s genetically impossible for me to be overweight. But LA, oh LA, image conscious LA, I get “Well you work out right?”. Yes, yes I work out. I do cardio everyday to the point where it’s almost unhealthy. The first few times I heard this I was really offended, but I’ve come to appreciate the health/image concern of my new Los Angeles acquaintances.

There’s something endearing to the blunt nature of that statement that will help me be in the best shape and health of my life. I’ve adapted a Vegan diet and have pushed myself at the gym much harder than I have in San Diego so stay tuned, when I notice a change, I’ll post my progress.

Runyon Canyon and I will be BFFs