The Sunken City – San Pedro

Eep! I’m so excited to tell you guys about this place. It’s quite fascinating and it’s been a place of interest of mine for quite some time.

Long time ago they (don’t ask me the real date) a cliff gave out and a street in San Pedro was lost. The houses that use to occupy this street are nowhere to be found but remnants of the street are still there.

You look to your left and you see what used to be the street, look to your left and you see what used to be a sidewalk, now heavily decorated by streetart patrons. This is what I would imagine the world would look like if a huge earthquake destroyed LA and everyone was left to fend for themselves.

If you ever wondered why you should have the land surveyed prior to building on it…well, here you go. When you go down to the bottom, the rocks are asphalt, smoothed out by the waves crashing into it over the years. The part of the cliff that fell, provides a contrast to the cliff that remains intact. This place is fascinating, I wanted to spend more time here because pictures can not do it justice.

I’m so glad I finally came here (I didn’t realize how close I was after I went to the Korean Bell of Friendship). Well, thanks again for joining me on this journey, until next time! I hope you have a great day.



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