The Old Zoo at Griffith Park

Let’s go back to a time when technology didn’t exist and we weren’t familiar with the term “animal cruelty.”
Welcome to the former location of the LA Zoo.

I’ve been wanting to explore this hidden gem for awhile. This zoo was operational from 1912 to 1966. If you saw how small this place was and how small the “living space” for these animals were, you’d understand why they made another zoo and closed this one down.

The actual area is quite small, and some of the places I got to explore, look liked they were supposed to be gated off but people had gone in and broke through the gates. I was excited, because then you got to go in and see where they held these animals captive. The staircases were amazing, completely filled with graffiti now, but I just imagined what a zoo keeper back then would look like going up and down to feed the animals.

The Zoo has been turned into a picnic area (seems like an LA thing to do), so it’d be perfect to picnic at the The Old Zoo and then head up to the Observatory and watch the sunset. That’s it for now, thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you guys again on my next adventure.



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