Melrose Trading Post

I’ve already displayed my love of flea markets in my post about the Rose Bowl Flea Market, but hell, what’s another.

Melrose Trading Post, or Fairfax Flea Market, is held every Sunday. Though it’s not as big as the one at the Rose Bowl, this one gets your fix in.

They do a great mixture of vintage items (like the spindle above) to local designers (like the Poe and Panda shirt below).

I do circles at the place because you can’t see everything in one run through (that, or they hide stuff and bring it out later). The flea market starts at 9, getting early is definitely recommended. I’ve been there later in the day and the pickings are slim. The one thing I like about this flea market as opposed to the one in Pasadena is that this is weekly…sometimes you need your fix of vintage finds more than once a month.

Even if you go with an empty wallet (actually make sure you have $2 for the admission), you would still have a great time looking at some of the items being sold. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t see the oversized male denim thong this past visit. I’m wondering who bought that gem. Well, until next time, hope you have a great day!