Space…the final frontier…until you retire and they place you in a museum.

This weekend my Mom came up and we went to check out the space shuttle Endevour. It was amazing!


The exhibit included a little behind the scenes of what it is like to live in space. Have you seen the toilet on a space shuttle? It’s pretty interesting, and without going into gross details, when going to the bathroom in zero gravity, it’s all about alignment.

The shuttle itself leaves you speechless. To think, you’re inches from something that’s been out in space. It’s really something to think about.

The museum itself had many other exhibits, mostly geared towards kids. One area I enjoyed was the Kelp Forest. I’ve always wanted to be a mermaid so going through a tunnel under water was probably the closest thing I’d get to breathing under water.

I need to get to more museums, I think the Natural History Museum is going to be next on my list. Well, until next time, I hope you all have a great day.

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Grammys Weekend

This weekend was the Grammys and Hollywood was a buzz. There were parties being thrown all week long, I decided to partake in two (I’m young but not THAT young).

Friday night I went to BLOK to see my friend spin. Saturday I went to Supperclub. My friends’ company was hosting a party there where Ceelo was performing.

The club was spectacular but what absolutely caught my eyes were these girls who would be suspended overhead performing silks. Makes me miss my dancing days a little.

Ceelo got on the mic and put in his little 1s and 2s to song and then performed a few of his songs. He has a great presence about him. He exudes happiness, I actually saw him when he performed in San Diego at a club I worked at. It’s always great to see performers who, you can tell, love what they do.

This weekend has certainly exhausted me. Looking forward to next weekend, I will be in Oakland visiting a friend. Well, until next time.