Rose Bowl Flea Market

How do I even start to explain how glorious the Rose Bowl Flea Market is? Held the 2nd Sunday of every month, this place has been my monthly ritual for almost the past year.

This flea market is huge. When you enter you’re greeted by the music of the “Lord of the Cello”. The flea market is a visual delight, of good and bad (but the bad is so much fun).

Often I’m walking through thinking “why was this even made?” I spend hours going up and down the aisles. They have this place somewhat separated in 3 sections. Section 1 seem like crafters/retail, more of the newer items. Section 2 looks like the remnants of the show Hoarders. Section 3 is vintage/second-hand clothes. I spend the most time in section 2.

This is a must go at least once in your life kind of place. I’m still on the search for a cute couch and barstools but I left this time with what looks like a mini German bible (at least I think it is, I saw “amen”).

Hopefully I’ll see some of you next month at the Flea Market. You will not be disappointed.


Wacko Soap Plant

Joy! My best friend Melissa was in town and before she went back to San Diego I was able to hang out with her. We ate at this amazing restaurant called Flore Vegan Bistro (I’m Vegan, she’s Gluten Free and this place caters to both). Afterwards we had time to kill before her train left so we went to Wacko in Hollywood. This place has the weirdest stuff!

We were only there for an hour and we weren’t able to see everything. I feel you need a few hours to feel satisfied you got to take everything in. Cards, toys, decor, knick knacks and their book selection, oh their book selection….I didn’t even know some of these books existed. The Big Book of Legs? This is real?

I need to figure out whose birthday is coming up soon because I can guarantee I’ll find something for them in this store. If you are in the area, you must stop by here. It’s amazing and you’ll get a good chuckle at some of their stuff.

I’ve been exploring a lot of vegan restaurants here, I may have to start sharing because some are so good I dream about them. What are your thoughts?