Arts District to Hollywood

Saturday, Dec. 8th, my little sister was in town. We went down to the Arts District to check out some awesome graffiti/street art. I was on a mission to find a set of angel wings.

Sounds awesome right? Fast forward 5 hours later and I was in the ER at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center. Apparently I had a 3mm kidney stone blocking everything for a few days and I went into Septic Shock.

I continued to spend the next 13 days in the hospital. My sister stayed for 2 days and then my mom came up and stayed with me the rest of the time. Everyday I thought I was going to get out the next day but I just couldn’t break a fever. You know you’re sick when you’ve been assigned 3 doctors: a regular doctor, a urologist and an infectious disease doctor (I didn’t even know that existed).
I’m fine now. I have one more surgery and I should be in the clear. But that’s my reason for lack of updates. Trust me, I wanted to visit so many places all done up for the holidays, but instead I got to watch so much Law & Order: SVU, I think I’m going to be paranoid for weeks. Hope you all had a great holiday, until next time.


Spork Foods

When you work from home, it’s kind of difficult to make new friends. I mean, for 8 plus hours a day, I’m locked in my apartment with my cat. I did a little research, and to incorporate my new Vegan diet and my need for human contact, I signed up for Spork Foods.

Heather and Jenny are some of the nicest people you will meet. They welcome you into their home and the classes are small, private intimate affairs. Everyone taking the class was very friendly, whether it was their first class, or 6th, they all seemed happy and eager to learn.

Another thing I really liked about their teaching methods was how they would take an ingredient and describe why it’s good for your body. It makes you want to incorporate those items into your diet more often to reap the benefits.

I’ve signed up for two more classes but I don’t feel like that’s enough. If I could, I think I would be there every week just for the experience.
We made a Drunken Portobello and White Bean Strudel, Creamy Corn and Herb Chowder, Pan Seared Brussels Sprouts with a Hazelnut Vinaigrette and the best Winter Berry Crumble I have ever tasted


Very excited for my next class in January. We’re making dairy substitutes and one of the items is a Ricotta Pancake. I’m drooling just thinking about it. 20121205-094722.jpg
Time to get in the kitchen.