Los Angeles Central Library

I can’t believe I didn’t make a post for this earlier! It’s been almost a month since my visit.

I present to you, one of the coolest libraries I have ever seen (Vancouver, Canada may be the only one I can think of that’s better than this).

This place is huge and it has so much artwork throughout the entire building you could spend hours without even grabbing a book. It’s hard to believe this place is a library. One of my favorite things was this zodiac chandelier. The magnitude of it’s size mixed with the detail on this thing, it’s gorgeous.

Even outside the library, you find little things that you can just tells, who ever designed this, had an attention to detail.

Though I love where I live, I’ve noticed that a lot of my LA checklist items are downtown. There’s just such great architecture and history over there. I need to research for more things my way. Well, until next time…thanks for dropping by.



The Last Bookstore

I’ve started a list of places I want to visit while I live in LA. This place is one.

I’m not sure how you would find a book to buy but I could spend hours trying. I could also spend hours just exploring the weirdly awesome decor. They had a room that looked like a rocket ship dash, all the books in there were Sci-fi. Can’t forget about the awesome book arch.

Yea, I’m pretty much in love with this place. It looks like they do live poetry readings and live music; I would definitely come back for that. Maybe next time I’ll get over my overstimulation and try to buy something. Maybe. Might take a third time to get it right.

Well, until next time, hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.

Greystone Mansion and Park

Greystone Mansion, also called Doheny Mansion was a gift from oil tycoon Edward Doheny to his son, Ned. Ned died shortly in the mansion due to what is believe to be a murder-suicide. The grounds itself is now a public park and the Mansion is often used in films (Spider-Man, Big Lebowski, The BodyGuard, etc.)


Ok, enough history. This place is gorgeous. I got such a great workout just walking around the grounds. I would definitely love to see the inside but I did spend over an hour exploring the outside.


When I got home I sent my photographer friends a bunch of pictures and told them a photo shoot there was necessary. If you’re in LA, this one would be great to do around sunset. Park is open until 5, and it’s free! Not too many places here you can say that.


I’m really enjoying myself here. Can’t wait for my next adventure.

You work out right?

It took me a few times to not be insulted by that question.

Let me back it up a little. There are two things in life I have consistently loved: food and cardio. It’s a tug of war battle that just always ends in a tie. I’m not going to be 10% body fat but I’m also not going to be 30% body fat, and I’m content with that.

Moving to LA, I’ve talked and hung out with several people who, from my Instagram, has noticed my love of food (with an emphasis in sweets). We would talk about where to meet and eat and I’d say “Oh my gosh, LA is going to turn me into a Panda”.

Now in San Diego, the response I would get would be an eye roll, a “shut up” and something along the lines of how it’s genetically impossible for me to be overweight. But LA, oh LA, image conscious LA, I get “Well you work out right?”. Yes, yes I work out. I do cardio everyday to the point where it’s almost unhealthy. The first few times I heard this I was really offended, but I’ve come to appreciate the health/image concern of my new Los Angeles acquaintances.

There’s something endearing to the blunt nature of that statement that will help me be in the best shape and health of my life. I’ve adapted a Vegan diet and have pushed myself at the gym much harder than I have in San Diego so stay tuned, when I notice a change, I’ll post my progress.

Runyon Canyon and I will be BFFs

Stanley Kubrick

Oh LACMA. How I love thee.

My friend Melissa came up here today to check out FIDM. She’s always wanted to check out LACMA so I told her I’d take her (plus I read about the Stanley Kubrick exhibit and I knew I had to go).


I have a confession, after walking through this exhibit, I realized that I’ve never seen any of Stanley Kubrick’s movie but wow, this exhibit is amazing. You don’t need to be a fan of his movies to appreciate the creative thought process that went into producing these films. Taking a book, turning it into a script and filming it with such precision…such an imagination.


I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to scary movie, might be why I haven’t seen any of his movies. The Shining, Clockwork Orange, Full Metal Jacket…I may have nightmare for days. Nevertheless, I had a great time checking out this exhibit and even more because I had my best friend up here.


What made you move to LA?

If I had a dollar for how many times I’ve been asked that…I would fly across the world, to a place that didn’t speak English just so I didn’t have to hear it again.

I get such weird looks when I tell them I didn’t move up here for a job, a boyfriend, or to get famous. Maybe I should start lying. The truth is, I lived in San Diego for 20 years and felt I did everything I could possibly do in that city.

Do I miss my friends? Yes. Do I miss my family? Of course. But there was something depressing about spending another year, doing the same things I’ve already done and seeing the same places I’ve seen a million times. I started to feel like Bill Murray in “Groundhogs Day” (just short of the numerous suicide attempts). Life wasn’t meant to be predictable. If it was, why live another day?

Los Angeles is perfect. It’s far enough to be unfamiliar but close to enough for me to go back home when I get home sick. There’s just so many things to do in this city and every experience is a new one, which makes me so excited.

So there you have it. I’m embarking on a new journey. Living by myself for the first time in a new city. Let’s hope it is kind to me.